Reverse Email Lookup: 10 Free Email Address Search Tools (2023)

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Reverse Email Lookup: 10 Free Email Address Search Tools (1)

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to find out who is behind an email account. Perhaps you're sending a private message and don't want to offend anyone by sending it to the incorrect person. Perhaps you've recently discovered that your spouse has been emailing their ex-girlfriend. So, what are your options? Using a reverseemail lookup tool is one of the ways to figure out who is sending an email.

But, with so many reverse email lookup tools in the market, it's difficult to find the right one. So, we have rendered a list of 10 free email address lookup tools to help you find any email address you search for. This blog includes the 4 best email lookup tools:

  1. SearchPeopleFree - Reverse Email Lookup in Minutes

  2. RealPeopleSearch - Reveal the Details of the Email

  3. Instant Checkmate - Handle Multiple Email Search Quickly

  4. PeopleFinders - An Authentic Way to Search an Email

Part 1: SearchPeopleFree - Reverse Email Lookup in Minutes

SearchPeopleFree is a free online reverse email lookup website that lets you search for people based on their email addresses. You can use several advanced features like filters, how to find probable matches and full-text search. It's not free for life but it's definitely worth the money because it's super fast and accurate. You can find any email address through this tool, even if they hide their name or hide the actual mail server name.

The tool pulls the data from public records, marriage records, social media profiles and legal or court records. Further, the user interface is great and simple to use. All you have to do is enter the email address you wish to find information about and hit the 'Start Search' button. The tool displays the results in the form of a table, with all basic information. The real power of this tool is its ability to find probable matches. This feature uses the email address you entered to find more info about that person on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or any other profile online. Regardless of whether the person has anything online or not, you can try it out with your friends first to see if their email addresses on their social media profiles are accurate.


  • Simple user interface.

  • Highly accurate.

  • Good for international searches.

  • Excellent for finding probable matches because it checks other profiles on social media to see if they are accurate or not.


  • The tool is only available on the web.

Tap here to search someone's email address through SearchPeopleFree

Part 2: RealPeopleSearch - Reveal the Details of the Email

Sometimes you might get frustrated looking up an email address on the web, where to put the comma, what's the difference between "-" and "/", etc. RealPeopleSearch provides you with the simplest way to search for an email address. Put the email address in the box at the top of this form and press search, voilà!

Multiple accounts: possible with some email providers (Gmail, Yahoo and HotMail), and impossible with others (Outlook). It should be noted that if your email provider is not listed, this service may not work for you unless there is a full name+email format with no numbers or symbols. Real People Search is a free service that can also help you find people on social networks. To start using the service, please enter the search box with your email address! The site respects your privacy and your email address will never be shared with anyone.



  • The main disadvantage of this service is that it does not have a full-text search engine for third party links.

Click here to visit RealPeopleSearch now!

Part 3: Instant Checkmate - Handle Multiple Email Search Quickly

Many people are looking for different things when it comes to an email address. Sometimes they need to find their friend's or relative's contact information, sometimes you need it for marketing purposes, and sometimes you just want to look up the contact information for a public figure. This is where searching can become difficult, but not with this tool! Instant Checkmate is a public records directory and people search directory. It has access to billions of records and information about people and businesses. If you want an email address search, you can easily find what you need through their database with all the tools they make available to their users. Their service will show you exactly what contact information your search results fit with, as well as the city and state where it is located. You can also do a reverse email address search through Instant Checkmate.


  • There are millions of different records in their database, all of which are searched by the actual contact information.

  • Their service is available for anyone to use, with no registration required. It has free search tools available for anyone wanting to do a quick search.

  • You can easily find contact information for your specific type of business or individual you are looking for in just a few minutes, without having to actually buy a membership.

Part 4: PeopleFinders - An Authentic Way to Search an Email

PeopleFinders is the best email address search tool that targets people on social media websites. This tool can help you find another person's social media account, which you will need to do if you want to start stalking them. This tool lets you search for an email address at a specific website, like Tumblr or tinder; even if the email isn't publicly available, usually because it's related to work or family members. You can also create a free email address search to find people at the websites you specify, as well as upload a file if you want to search for other types of online profiles. It also shows results from two major social media sites - Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is good for finding your friends - or your ex - and LinkedIn, although not as popular as it used to be, still has a lot of professional contacts. Since it uses public databases, the information is pretty accurate.


  • It is very easy to use for pretty much anyone

  • The results are very detailed and accurate, as PeopleFinders uses public databases.

  • You can create an email search for free or upgrade to a premium account.


  • It is not available in all countries

  • The premium account does not include unlimited searches.

Part 5: TruthFinder - Reverse Email Lookup with Massive Database

Truthfinder is one of the most widely used resources for revealing information about a person's identity. The people behind TruthFinder do not know who you are, all they require from you to use their services is a name and email address. This allows them to collect a massive database containing approximately 150 million records with detailed information on approximately 85% of US adults. This is big data, and if you are looking for information about people you know or people you do not know, this is the resource for you.

Most of us know that we can use social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to gather information about people we do not know. We can simply search for a specific person and gather as much data as we want on them. This is all public information and therefore completely free. TruthFinder on the other hand requires you to pay some cash, but you will get access to private information such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth of people all over the country.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface.

  • Very comprehensive database.

  • Uncover valuable information about unknown people for free. No credit card is required.


  • Many results are missing key details such as addresses, phone numbers etc. Proper research is required to avoid frustration with incomplete information. You can then ask for more info once you have their email or phone number.

Part 6: FindPeopleFast - Accurate Email In-depth Report

FindPeopleFast is an online people search engine that provides public records for individuals. It's the only search engine with the ability to check your email address for accuracy, and it can help you find your future partner, your employee, or someone you've lost contact with. And FindPeopleFast also allows users to search for business information like licenses and permits.

What's unique about FindPeopleFast is that it uses live data from government sources to provide accurate customer contact information- including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Other people's search engines rely on databases that use faulty data, incomplete records or outdated information that never get updated. Because FindPeopleFast uses more accurate data, it allows you to get in touch with your next customer, your employee, or your old college roommate more quickly. It's not only the easiest way to find someone, but it's also the fastest. And it works for personal and business use.

As a business owner, you can contact your customers by phone or email, a better way to develop relationships and increase sales. You can also use FindPeopleFast to research competitors and get valuable marketing information about their marketing strategies. As a job-seeker, FindPeopleFast is the easiest way to complete your online profile for recruiting purposes on major job sites like and CareerBuilder.


  • FindPeopleFast is the only people search engine with an accurate email tool.

  • The ability to find your next customer, your employee, or your old college roommate.

  • Easy way to get in touch with people you know or want to know more about.

  • No subscription fee for this online people search service.


  • Information on good and bad email addresses can be limited at some business and personal search sites.

  • No indication on how many emails the site has received while using this service.

Click Here to Check FindPeopleFast Right Now!

Part 7: CocoFinder - A Superlative Reverse Email Search Directory

It's difficult to be productive when you don't know what email addresses belong to who or where they are located. This is why CocoFinder was created, to help you find email addresses for any domain. CocoFinder is a great resource for finding email addresses as it has accumulated more than 300 million email addresses from public domains of the world.

Unlike other reverse email directories online which are a verified scam and a hoax, CocoFinder is a genuine search directory that allows you to find an email address across any domain. This means that the email search engine will help you identify any domain name or web address by compiling all available contacts into one listing. Simply type any domain name or web address into the search bar to find out who owns the domain. You can also use the CocoFinder website as an email address lookup tool to save email addresses from deleted domains and Internet addresses for future use.


  • The resource is user friendly.

  • It gives an email address lookup finder tool for all domain names or web addresses.

  • You can use it to check the information of your contacts for any domain name or web address.

  • You can use this website as an email address lookup tool to save email addresses from deleted domains and Internet addresses for future use. The site mentioned above has attained a respectable amount of search results that are there for you to browse through.


  • It's too huge to be sorted through comfortably.

Feel Free to Do a Reverse Email Lookup with CocoFinder Now!

Part 8: TruePeopleSearch - Search Email Address by Name Easily

Truepeoplesearch pride themselves in delivering accurate background reports, criminal records overviews, and other information to help find people online. Their goal is to connect every family with missing loved ones- to reunite families with their family members no matter what time period they have been gone.

It is fairly new and still somewhat limited compared to the other search engine. However, it does provide quick and easy access to a database of millions (yes millions) of email addresses with their corresponding name and findable phone numbers. The website is relatively easy to use. Once your information is submitted, TruePeopleSearch begins searching for an email address based on your input. The search engine determines whether or not a match is found by sending all of the email addresses it finds to "a second site" for verification.


  • Works even if an email address has been temporarily deactivated (not verified)

  • Can find email addresses regardless of what servers are being used, regardless of your current IP address.


  • Limited resources, the large database takes time to search. Searching for a specific person/company can take up to 24 hours. Searching for common names can take only up to 10 minutes... but results can vary.

Part 9: BeenVerified - Lookup Someone with an Email Address

The BeenVerified address lookup tool has many features that are great for finding someone's email address or doing reverse phone lookup. The search function is simple enough to use because it only takes a few clicks to find your answer. It offers you the chance to pick out the person's name, gender, and even their photos!

For example, let's say I wanted to know what Lauren Wood's email address was. I would enter her first and last name into the search bar along with "" - The tool will instantly give you the emails. It's free, easy to use, and 100% secure. This tool searches through the entirety of the internet right now, and it has a directory of over 1 billion email addresses.

If you're interested in being anonymous, this tool has privacy features too. It doesn't confirm your email address to a third-party company, and it will even show you a "signature" that tells the owner of the email address that it isn't a fraud. This program is great for parents, businesses, and even journalists looking to find people's email addresses.


  • Comprehensive search tool

  • Compatible with all devices

  • 100% secure and private

  • Easy to use interface. Takes no time to figure out how it works, just enter the name.


  • You can't search people's names via social profiles. (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Part 10: Spokeo - Perfect for Background Checks (200 words)

Spokeo is a very easy to use search engine that works to help usersfind people's background or learn more about them. It's like Google, but with the added features of an advanced search engine and social network. Spokeo can be used for various purposes, including finding current or past employers, checking out your potential love interest (just make sure they're not in a friends-only online group), and even show you which celebrities in your area are looking for love.

For many people, finding out who is looking at them on their social networking website profile is a big deal. It could be a potential employer or your future partner. Whatever the case may be, Spokeo will help you find out who is viewing you and it's free. This is a very basic yet powerful tool that can help you quickly gain relationships with your friends on Facebook.


  • Easy to use

  • Free service

  • Helps people find friends of friends on social networking sites


  • Some online profiles are not reliable


Reverse email lookup is a basic and easy way to find out who is sending you emails. Apart from the options mentioned above, there are many more lookup tools ( that can give you accurate and authentic search results. Anyway, the list we have provided you should help you find the right tool that will cater to all your needs as well as provide 100% results.

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Is there a completely free reverse email lookup? ›

Reverse email lookup free services: Some websites, such as,, and, provide free reverse email search services that may provide basic details about the owner of an email address, including the domain and whether or not the email address is authentic.

How can I find out who an email belongs to for free? ›

Google Search

One of the easiest ways to find out who an email address belongs to is by doing a Google search. Simply type the email address into the search bar and see if any results come up. You may be able to find the person's name, social media profiles, or other information that can help you identify them.

How to find all of someones email addresses? ›

  1. Use an email lookup tool. You can use Hunter's Email Finder to find anyone's business email address. ...
  2. Try guessing their email address. ...
  3. Use Google. ...
  4. Check social media profiles. ...
  5. Use Twitter's advanced options. ...
  6. Just reach out. ...
  7. Look around the company website. ...
  8. Subscribe to the prospect's newsletter.
Mar 2, 2022

How can I find someone completely free? ›

Best Free People Finder Websites for Accurate Information
  1. is a large digital identity database that receives more than 50 million unique visitors each month. ...
  2. Intelius. ...
  3. ...
  4. US Search. ...
  5. BeenVerified. ...
  6. Find People Search. ...
  7. That's Them. ...
  8. LinkedIn.

What is the best free reverse address lookup? ›

  1. BeenVerified – Best Overall Reverse Address Lookup and Online Address Search. ...
  2. PeopleLooker – Best Reverse Address Lookup and Online Address Search for Fast Results. ...
  3. Intelius - Best Overall Reverse Address Lookup and Online Address Search.
  4. TruthFinder - Reverse Address Lookup and Online Address Search for Personal Data.
May 15, 2023

Can you trace an anonymous email? ›

From sender name to the IP address and metadata, an anonymous email can't be traced back to the sender.

Can you trace an email to a person? ›

You may not be able to trace a single email to a person, but you can get an idea of where it came from its header. However, email providers, ISPs, and law enforcement agencies can track down individuals from emails using their IP addresses and other metadata.

How do I extract all email addresses from an email? ›

How to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook Emails?
  1. Run the MS Outlook client and choose File option.
  2. Thereafter, choose Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  3. Select export to a file >> Next button to continue.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values >> Next option.
  5. Select Contacts folder for extracting email ids.
Sep 15, 2022

Is there a 100% free people search? ›

Whether it's for a background check, to identify someone in case of harassment, or to reconnect with an old friend or relative, Unmask can help with all of a person's needs around seeking this information. The free people search engine provided by Unmask is online and available now for use.

Is there a legit free people finder? ›

The best free people search finder services and engines
  • That's Them. Best free service right now. ...
  • Zabasearch. Best for unlimited free searches. ...
  • Whitepages People Search. Best starting point solution. ...
  • Peek You. Best for learning about social profiles. ...
  • TinEye. Best photo reverse lookup tool. ...
  • Instant Checkmate. ...
  • Intelius. ...
  • Truthfinder.
Mar 7, 2023

What is the best app to find someone for free? ›

  • Public Seek – Very Straightforward People Search App. ...
  • Infotracer – Best People Lookup for Specifics. ...
  • BeenVerified – Great for Locating Old Friends and Family. ...
  • US Search – Most Reputable People Search Website. ...
  • – Great for Businesses. ...
  • InfoMart – Tailored People Search Engine for Industries.
Feb 16, 2022

What is the best email reverse lookup? ›

  • #1. BeenVerified: Best Reverse Email Lookup Tool Overall. ...
  • #2. PeopleLooker: Best for Background Searches. ...
  • #3. Spokeo: Search Anyone by Name, Phone, Email, or Address. ...
  • #4. TruthFinder: Best Public Records Search. ...
  • #5. Intelius: Best for Unlimited Searches. ...
  • Google Search. ...
  • Social Media Platforms. ...
  • Email-Finding Tools.
Jun 21, 2023

What are the best free lookup sites? ›

Whitepages, Zaba Search, TinEye, and Peek You are close competitors, offering a range of free search services that rank them among the top free people search sites available. Keep reading to find out which is best suited to your specific needs.

What is the best website to find someone's current address? ›

You may check the databases of the US Postal Service, the Census Bureau, and the Social Security Administration to discover the address of the person you're attempting to contact. There may be other regional organizations that host public documents online.

Which email cannot be traced? ›

Can you send an email anonymously? You can send anonymous emails by creating an encrypted email account with an anonymity-focused provider. Email service providers like ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Mailfence encrypt your emails and don't track you.

Can Gmail accounts be traced? ›

Gmail can be traced using the sender's IP address, but only authorized individuals such as law enforcement or someone within the Google security team can access your information. Although your IP address can be accessed via emails you send, the information is not personally identifiable.

What are burner emails? ›

Burner Emails is a tool to generate a random email address for every form that you're submitting online, that will forward all emails to your personal email address. This hides your true identity from the sender and protects you from spam.

Can someone track me if they have my email? ›

Email tracking is already used by individuals, email marketers, spammers and phishers to understand where people are, validate email addresses, verify that emails are actually read by recipients, find out if they were forwarded and discover if a given email has made it past spam filters.

How do I find out who owns an email address in Gmail for free? ›

Using Google Calendar
  1. log in to your Gmail Account. ...
  2. Google Calendar will get loaded into a new tab. ...
  3. Scroll down and tap on Share With Specific People option. ...
  4. Now, for testing purposes, enter any random Gmail address. ...
  5. Then, the owner's name will appear related to that Gmail Address and their profile picture.
Mar 8, 2022

What is an email extractor? ›

An email extractor is a scraping tool that mines emails and content from online sources such as websites, social media, email clients, and search engines. It can also search within files and folders in computers and network systems to extract email addresses.

What is the email extractor from Google? ›

The extractor add-on will apply the Label "Extracted" to all Gmail messages that have been processed. Once the extraction is complete, you can safely remove the label from your Gmail account manually. You can use advanced Gmail search operators to extract email addresses from specific messages.

How do I verify an email address is real? ›

How do you verify an email address?
  1. Use an Email Verification tool. An Email Verification tool is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to verify emails at scale. ...
  2. Ping the Server. ...
  3. Google search the address.
Feb 7, 2023

Is there a way to see all email addresses in Gmail? ›

Here's how to access your Gmail contact records from your Gmail account:
  1. Log in to your Gmail account and click on the square-like Google Apps icon on the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox. ...
  2. Click on the Google Contacts icon.
  3. Once you click on the icon, your Gmail contact list page will appear.
May 18, 2023

How can I find all email addresses associated with a phone number? ›

Here are 10 methods to find an email address with a phone number.
  1. Use an Email Finder Tool. ...
  2. Try Google. ...
  3. Search the Company Website. ...
  4. Check Social Media. ...
  5. Find the Contact or About Us Page. ...
  6. Use a Reverse Phone Lookup. ...
  7. Try Email Permutation. ...
  8. Reach Out to Admin or Support Staff.
Apr 26, 2023

How do I find someone's Gmail address? ›

Type the name of the person and to search for his address. If it's listed in any public website or message board, you have a chance. Type John Smith,, and press Search to retrieve the results. If the search brings back a massive list of results due to a common name, try narrowing the search.

Does Gmail have an address book? ›

You can access your contacts in Gmail on the web, or the Contacts app for Android. In the Contacts app, you can add contacts one at a time or enter multiple email addresses at once. To delete a contact, select the contact and hit 'Delete' in the three-dot menu.

How do I find all my Google accounts? ›

  1. Navigate to the Google Accounts Sign In page and sign in to your account (link in Resources).
  2. Click "Account" to display the list of account items.
  3. Select "Dashboard" from the list to reveal your list of Google accounts.
  4. Click an account name to display detailed information about the account.

Can someone locate me by my email address? ›

When you send an email, each server your message passes through will stamp the email with its IP address. The first IP address in that list is normally yours – the one that can be used to locate what city you're in.

Can a phone number be tracked with email address? ›

No, it's not possible. Email and Phone and two different and unrelated technology. For big companies who have their own IP block, you may be able to find the contact details(usually the abuse department) by doing an IP whois, but for individuals it is not possible even if you have their IP address.

Can someone access my email with my phone number? ›

Once hackers have your number, they can use it to gain access to your most sensitive and valuable data, such as your: Email accounts and contact lists. Financial assets and bank accounts. Current and previous home addresses.

What is AeroLeads? ›

AeroLeads is a cloud-based sales intelligence and prospect generation solution suitable for businesses in a variety of B2B industries.

How can I get free bulk emails? ›

15 Best Free Bulk Emails Sender Software for Mass Email Blasts
  1. ActiveCampaign.
  2. Elastic Email.
  3. Amazon SES.
  4. SendinBlue.
  5. MailerLite.
  6. Mailjet.
  7. CovertKit.
  8. Moosend.
Jan 27, 2021

What are the unwanted bulk email used? ›

Email spam, also known as junk email, refers to unsolicited email messages, usually sent in bulk to a large list of recipients.


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